Making Connecticut more friendly to businesses so companies such as General Electric don’t move their global headquarters to Boston is her primary objective, said Wyatt, who registered her candidate committee Friday with the State Elections Enforcement Commission. Last month, he blasted the White House when it rescinded guidelines set by the Obama administration directing public schools to let transgender students use the bathroom of their choice. The White House maintains policies like the North Carolina bathroom bill, which prohibits people from entering bathrooms that do not match the sex on their birth certificates, should be left up to states to determine. Wyatt disagreed, saying she supports protections for the LGBT community, but Malloy shouldn’t be meddling into the policies or cultural norms of other states. “Don’t worry, me and Trump will be fine together,” Wyatt said. Because I’m transgender, I’m not allowed to support Trump? Wyatt said she was fortunate to have the money and support to undergo gender reassignment surgery at the University of Connecticut, including breast augmentation and hormone therapy.

Source: Transgender candidate running for Conn. governor – Connecticut Post